Paired with VSF25-B and VSF27-B

Also scabbard parts VSF17 & VSF18

From Dybäck Viking Sword

This sword cross-guard pommel is a replica based on the original parts discovered in 1870 from a peatbog in Dybäck, Skåne, in an area which is modern day Sweden, but during the Viking-era belonged to Denmark. The original fittings are gold plated silver with animal and plant ornaments in the Anglo-Saxon Winchester style. The style indicates that the fittings could be of Anglo-Saxon workmanship, or simply an indication of the many contacts the nobles of the early 1000’s had with England. Although the original find was well preserved, the organic materials of the sheath have not survived. The mouth guard of the sheath is made of precious metal and has survived, but during the centuries it has fused together with the hand guard of the sword.  The original is on display at the Historical Museum in Stockholm.

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