The Story Behind Mercia Sveiter

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We started out in 1980 as young Viking, Celtic and Saxon re-enactors. We even had a few Normans.
(I know, invading scum but what you gonna do?).

After a few years of having a ‘proper job’ we all talked about doing this full time. I never quite managed full time as I had a water treatment company but when I left the big company and set up on my own this gave me the freedom to set my own hours and travel with the family all over Europe to events.

A few years ago we decided to sell up from the UK and retire to Spain.
I could not completely retire so I still sell on the internet.

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Sharon & Paul

For over 30 years I led the Mercia branch of the Regia Anglorum and The Vikings re-enactmet groups.

We set up the Dark Ages Charitable Trust from our centre in Sutton Coldfield where we hosted numerous school groups.

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