If you have been notified of a specific amount that you need to pay, please use this link.

The link only adds £1 so please go the the shopping cart to enter the correct number of pounds before checking out.

All bronze items are available silver or gold plated. Just multiply the bronze price by 1.5 for silver & by 2 for gold. Please add up these additional costs, round up to nearest £ and then click the ‘ADDITIONAL PAYMENTS’ link on the menu. Enter the ‘number of £ in the quantity box and add to cart. Do not forget to add the actual bronze item to the shopping cart as well.

For example; A £10 bronze buckle x 1.5 = £15 silver plated. so put £5 in the additional payments and click to add the buckle to the cart from the item menu. Please send me a message to confirm what you want plating as if you order several items but not all need plating I will not know what the additional payment refers too.