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9 Arroyo Marinos, Almunecar, 18690, Spain

Tel: +44 07973432569   email: [email protected]   Contact: Paul Craddock (Druid)

Help requested please. My last webman disappeared and took my website with him so I lost most of the historical provenances for my items. If anyone can provide any information that I can add to the item descriptions this will help everyone to get things right and I will be very grateful. Email [email protected]

14001 Paul at York

I have been active in Viking, Saxon and Medieval re-enactment for over 30 years. Mercia Sveiter traded at many events both in the UK and over Europe. We decided a few yeas ago that putting up tents in the rain was no longer the fun it used to be so decided to retire to Spain. Unable to leave completely we now trade on line, mainly selling the bronze castings that we are known for plus many other items left in stock. Many items are in short supply and will not be repeated so have a look now because if you leave it you may be out of luck!

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 Brexit Postage Information.
As everything is sent from Spain there are no additional taxes to pay for anything sent within Europe. All orders under £135 sent to UK are also exempt. Link to UK gov info..